Sia Chin Jin, Private Candidate (2014)

The GP Counsel provided immense support in nurturing creativity, independence and confidence in my GP improvement journey. It offered me a good diversity of information on how to approach the topics during my A level exams.


I particularly appreciated Mr Koh’s regular communication with me when I had questions outside tuition hours. The learning journey was extremely pleasant and insightful.


Thank you for the support given!

Teng Tjin Yang,

JJC (2017)

"He annotated all the essays and AQs I sent him ... gave me feedback on how to improve."


"Helped fill in the gaps in my general knowledge ..."


"... Dedication and ability to impart knowledge at a digestible pace ..."

"Dedicated in bringing the best out of their students ... went above and beyond in ensuring students were not left behind ..."

"... Materials and resources provided were very comprehensible ..."

"... Very friendly, receptive and tactful tutors who encourage their students to share their perspectives in class without fear of being judged for saying the wrong things .."


Mark Yow, Private
Candidate (2016)

 Scored a "B"

Mr Koh and Mr Ong were both meticulous tutors, always providing the most apt and targeted feedback towards student’s work submissions or feedback during class discussions. The tutors’ comments (written or verbal) were always well crafted and easy to comprehend, allowing their students to effectively and correctly improve on their current work. Unlike the sweeping and untargeted comments school teachers provide on pieces of work, Mr Koh was able to provide me numerous helpful tips to improve on my essays while maintaining the crux of my original writing style.


The pace of lessons were perfect for the dual exchange of information between tutors and students. This was owed to the fact that Mr Koh’s lessons were always well-planned and engaging. Mr Koh provides notes that contain the essence of various essay topics, allowing us to use the knowledge and examples provided to target a wide variety of question types. Mr Koh also handpicks the most relevant articles to keep students updated with the latest examples. These articles also served as a basis for class discussions where every student was given the chance to voice out their thoughts, whether be it queries or additional information. The tutors would then provide their take on the article. Therefore, Mr Koh’s lessons provide his students with a wholesome experience for every GP topic.


Finally, Mr Koh and Mr Ong were very amicable and approachable, often staying back to clarify student’s doubts or taking out time after lessons to peruse student’s extra essays. Overall, Mr Koh’s and Mr Ong’s lessons have greatly boosted my confidence in writing essays as well as answering comprehension questions. They have imparted in me GP skills that have proved to be effective as seen by grade leap from E in GP to B during the A levels. Their keenness to help their students was undeniably reflected in their student’s commendable GP results.

Daniel Yang (HCI, 2017) – Scored a “B” for GP A Levels

Mr Koh and Mr Ong are both very dedicated tutors. Lesson materials and conduct of lessons are simple and concise, and I found myself writing with more confidence and speed in both paper 1 and 2.


Their dedication extends to marking multiple paper 1 and 2 drafts on a weekly basis and giving detailed feedback through comments and even phone calls, and as such I found myself improving dramatically in the period leading up to prelims and eventually the A levels.


Thanks Mr Koh and Mr Ong for helping and pushing me through for GP, I definitely wouldn't have been able to do it without your help and dedication!


William Tok (HCI, 2017) – Scored an “A” for GP A Levels

"I don't know how I could have achieved that A without Mr. Koh's guidance."


"Mr Koh strives to impart necessary skills, such as inference and critical thinking, to his students."


"... In spite of the fact that he tutored me for just three months, I saw a drastic improvement in my General Paper grades – I clinched an ‘A’ in the subject at the ‘A’ Levels, up from ‘D’s and ‘E’s in July ..."

Kong Shunyi,

RI Class of 2015
(currently pursuing Vet Studies, UK)

"The tutors preferred to focus more on developing a distinct yet outstanding writing style in my essays ..."

"I was amazed at their ability to pinpoint the little mistakes in my essays..."

"I gradually found myself to be writing more fluently, persuasively and with confidence..."


"An extremely dedicated and patient teacher..."


"... this was reflected in my A level grades, where I managed to obtain an A."

Ong Sze Chuan,

HCI Class of 2014
(currently reading Medicine at NUS)

"Lessons at the GP Counsel were very informative and interactive ..."


"... Mr Koh and Mr Ong would show us well-crafted argumentation points pertaining to the theme ..."


"... They would go the extra mile to offer consults ... and also sacrificed their personal time to mark additional scripts and essays ..."

Willis Pang, Private
Candidate (2016)

 Scored an "A"

Bishan, Singapore